Friday, March 13, 2009

Funding Opportunity - NIH Challenge Grant on Ethical Issues Posed by Emerging Technologies

The NIH has designated at least $200 million of President Obama's Stimulus Package budget for a new initiative called the NIH Challenge Grants in Health and Science Research. In light of the the controversial subjects often associated with cancer and fertility, I thought that this opportunuty might be of interest to our scientific community:

02-OD(OSP)-101* Unique Ethical Issues Posed by Emerging Technologies. Advances in biotechnology and biomedical science raise novel ethical, legal, and social issues. Research in this area is needed to understand the unique ethical concerns related to emerging technologies (e.g. biotechnology, tissue engineering, nanomedicine, and synthetic biology). These include issues such as dual use research, privacy, safety, intellectual property, commercialization and conflict of interest, among others. Research is also needed to assess how these novel issues are addressed under current oversight and regulatory structures and identify where there may be gaps and/or need for revised or new oversight approaches.

Learn more and apply.

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