Friday, August 7, 2009

Cancer & Fertility in People Magazine

I was thrilled to see the story about cancer and fertility in People magazine this week!

The story profiles Chris Biblis, a cancer survivor and new dad. Thanks to his mom's advice, Chris banked his sperm prior to chemo and radiation when he was 16 - 22 years ago - and he now has a bounching baby girl, Stella. Chris' case is only one of three documented using sperm that is more than 20 years old, which addresses one of the top questions we receive: how long can my sperm (or eggs or embryos or ovarian tissue) be frozen?

Chris is quoted in the article saying: "I'm the luckiest person!" I feel the same way! Anyone else out there with a story like this to share?


  1. I have advised my friends to try the same, but the issue remains on how safe these sperm cells will be. Do you have any studies/scientific research that I could use as a reference? Thank you.

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