Thursday, February 5, 2009

Can You Let Go of Balance and Still Have It All?

Up late working again after an early morning in the gym, long day in the office, double dinner-bath-story-bed-time with the kids, laundry, packing and a just-barely-squeezed-in-but-lovely dinner with my husband, I am reminded of the conversation that set me free. One rough day, after finishing up a great meeting with a big sponsor only to discover my sweater was covered with yogurt from that one last extra hug good-bye from the kids, I needed a pep talk.

I called my hero to ask her – how do you do it? My hero happens to be the woman who saved my life (twice!), Dr. Nancy Snyderman, and as if that’s not enough to make a superhero, she always seemed to have it all – and it all under control. I wanted - no needed - her secret!

I told her that I was struggling to balance work, motherhood, friendship, romance, travel, and everything else on my to-do list. I fought so hard for this life, but now I am struggling to keep up with it. Her secret shocked me. “Forget balance!” she said. If balance is the goal you will constantly fail. Give it up. You can't be great at everything everyday. But, she said, you can have it all!

Do you agree? What’s more important to you - balance or having it all? Do you feel like you have either?

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