Monday, January 26, 2009

Educational Brochures - To Print or Not to Print?

A few trends are weighing on Fertile Hope's educational outreach strategy and I’d love your input. First, the trends… everyone is going green. The economy has seen better days. Our target demographic is young adult cancer patients and survivors – a demographic that lives online. Next, the dilemma… we are wondering if we need to continue to develop, print and distribute patient educational brochures or if you’d rather find all of the information online? Online only is attractive – it’s cheap, its green and we can provide deeper, more customized information like you see with our Comparison Tool, Risk Calculator and Options Calculator. Offline has its benefits too – although it is costly to design, print and mail, it has a physical presence in your doctor’s office, patient libraries and cancer centers across the country. Is it still important to be in both places?


  1. Every now and then I pick up a brochure as a reminder to look at something online when I get home. That's what you'll lose by not having brochures.

  2. In a world where everything is going online, print can set you a part from the rest.
    Moreover, the information Fertile Hope provides is so vital and when a patient is overwhelmed with the news of their diagnosis and the pressure to make life altering decisions, printed resources are often easier to ponder over and can be done at 1am lying in their bed mulling over it all. The quantity of cancer websites to review is daunting and a patient can easily get lost!
    Maybe a poster advertising your free resources can be hung in waiting rooms and then small quantities of brochures can be kept at the nurses stations for use when it makes the most sense for particular patients.