Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fundraising Events in a Recession – Will You Still Attend?

Nonprofit organizations dedicate a lot of time and money every year to hosting fundraising events like Fertile Hope's acclaimed Hope Uncorked wine tasting events. We’ve always prided ourselves on hosting fun, fabulous events – not your usual rubber chicken dinners where you are stuck at a table with the people you work with all day - and like to think that even in a recession you will still attend. However, we don't want to pull it altogether only to have no one show up. One one hand, it feels extravagant in a bad economy. On the other hand, it can be a cost-effective way to multi-task - get together with friends; enjoy good food and an open bar (tickets are often less than you'd spend on a night of food and drinks out on the town); find a few steals on your favorite products in the silent auction; and support your favorite charity. What will you attend? Skip? Why?


  1. As I read many of the posts in this blog I am amazed at how much work has already been accomplished - truly inspiring. But, I am also very focused on the vision of Fertile Hope and the work yet to be completed. Today, our new President speaks of hope and the importance of coming together. I think each person has it within themselves to be a part of Fertile Hope's vision - Every cancer patient is informed of their fertility risks and has access to family building options. We hope you will not only attend the Hope Uncorked event but consider hosting a wine tasting in your own home benefiting the organization. How can you utilize your resources to help cancer survivors - not sure....call us....we can figure it out together! Thanks for your continued support.

  2. As far as attendence, it may just be a lower price point that you want to aim for. Many of my friends in the restaurant business have said that they are still turning the tables, but the average bill is down. People still want to go out, but they're not buying the $400 bottle of wine. I suspect it may be the same with charities: people still want to support Fertile Hope, but maybe not at the same level?