Friday, January 30, 2009

Maternity Goddess Liz Lange Speaks Out About Cervical Cancer

January is National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, so Fertile Hope Board Member and fashion designer, Liz Lange, is helping to spread the word. Liz is a cervical cancer survivor who became infertile from her treatments. Liz was very private about her experience until about a year ago when she told the world her story in Glamour magazine. These days, the maternity goddess isn’t keeping quiet. She joined forces with the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation to help women understand the consequences that cervical cancer can have on your life, including infertility. My favorite quote from her:

I'm supposed to be the queen of maternity chic, and here I am about to have a hysterectomy... I do think I wanted more children, or at least I didn’t want the decision to be made for me.

Who does?


  1. It's so great that Liz is talking about this publicly -- i think it will help other women stand up to their doctors and get a better understanding of what is happening to their bodies -- it helps take away the stigma of something like a hysterectomy when someone like Liz has the courage to talk about having had one . . .

  2. I think it is so inspirational and brave when celebrities and others in the public eye tell their cancer stories. It normalizes the disease and brings much-needed attention to these issues. Good for Liz!