Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How Do You Choose a Doctor?

A good friend just called me looking for a recommendation to a good doctor. We talked through a lot of the factors she was evaluating and, then, I couldn’t help but laugh after we’d narrowed down the list and she made her final decision based on availability. In her case, it made perfect sense. She had narrowed it down to two of the top doctors in the country. She couldn't make a wrong choice. But, I still found it amusing that the final decision-making factor was who could see her first. This conversation happened while Fertile Hope is in the midst of completely revamping the cancer and fertility “Find a Doctor” tool on our website. So, I can’t help but wonder: what factors are most compelling to you when choosing a doctor? What information and tools can we provide to help make the process easier for you? And, ultimately, when you have gathered all of the information you can possibility find, what is the deal breaker? Availability?!


  1. I think one really important consideration in selecting a doctor is bedside manner. Keep in mind that this person will be the one delivering a lot "news" to you and some of it may be difficult and the doctor's style and sensitivity can sometimes make all the difference!

  2. I completely agree with the comment above - if the doctor's personality doesn't mesh with yours or you find him/her cold or unfeeling, your experience will probably be more negative.

    I would also want to know a doctor's consultation fee up front and whether they are able to offer a financing plan if the procedure isn't covered by my insurance. Sometimes the financial aspect is also a make or break factor when choosing a doctor.

  3. I agree, bedside manner is SO IMPORTANT! The trouble is that you don't see it until you are there - until you've made the appt, paid your fee, etc. Any suggestions on how to get insight into bedside manner before you get there? It would be great it Fertile Hope created a "zagat" of doctors with real people's comments/experiences or a "rating" system like you see on a lot of websites these days.