Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What is the Best Way to Reach You? Cancer Survivor Conferences (or Bars)?!

Every year Fertile Hope participates in a number of conferences for cancer survivors. Some are amazing and highly attended. Others don’t seem to catch on and few people attend. As a cancer survivor, I often ask myself – if I wasn’t in the “industry” would I even know about these events? And, if I did, would I attend? As part of the Fertile Hope team, I often ask myself – are these conferences the best way to reach you? At a President’s Cancer Panel meeting a few years ago someone asked Lance Armstrong: what is the best way to reach young adult cancer survivors? His response: at bars! Chins hit the floor! It was hysterical and true – more people in our demographic go out to bars than attend survivor conferences. So, tell me, what is the best way to reach you?

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  1. Where I go shopping! Pottery Barn had so much in their stores during the holiday about March of Dimes and I noticed. I'm sure the big name stores have their ties, but there could be other ways to get noticed in smaller chains and botiques that would like a charity tie. Maybe Fertile Hope creates a charitable program that they opt into and all the materials, ideas for support, etc. are sent to them - an easy, fast application for showing support.
    I could see stores that support women and their health and independance excited about you! Lululemon would a perfect fit as would Aveda.